To my colleagues, bosses and associates: I am humbled. Thank you for your kind and generous words.

Tom is one of the most solid people I’ve ever worked with. He embodies the positivism and the type of healthy culture that effective organizations strive to achieve. Many folks in the space say that they’re data driven, but Tom is truly someone who analyzes and makes decisions based on data. His vast experience, knowledge, and open-mindedness makes him someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

(…) His team is also really wonderful. They’ve always been willing to sit down with us and design out our training needs. And to show us ways that we can make the content more accessible to our target users. Both as a manager and as an individual contributor, Tom drives cooperation, excellence and sound principles of Web design.

Tom has been an excellent manager and mentor. He holds vast skills and knowledge in web and digital marketing. He’s data-driven and very attentive to metrics, holding strong knowledge of analytics and various martech tools. He continuously learns, keeping up with the latest industry trends and sharing that knowledge with others. He juggles multiple projects yet is always ready to dive into the next initiative. All this while looking out for the team.

Tom is patient, kind, creative, and always willing to push the boundaries to innovate. On top of that, he is a big part of the culture that makes our marketing team so special!

I worked with Tom for 4 years and was impressed by his data driven approach to marketing. He is a machine.
He bootstrapped the entire digital organization which was instrumental in growing brand awareness, lead generation, guiding SMEs on content creation and making critical campaign decisions based on data (which used get presented to every board meeting).