There are many successful milestones in my career.
Below is a short list of professional accomplishments I am particularly proud of.

  • People
    No professional journey is a story of solitude.
    Oh, the people I’ve met: some inspired me, made me laugh, knocked me out with their wisdom. Some became close friends, or mentors, or role models. And I remind myself daily how lucky I am because of that.
  • 100% media spend increase YoY
    Show high ROI from new paid channels to my bosses – done. Ask for higher budget – no problem
  • Global expansion
    New regions, new channels, new discoveries – demand gen up by 20% within first year
  • Most agile team in organization
    OK, obviously it was a team effort, but I started the recruitment and then managed the team.
  • Conversion rate
    This was a tricky one. The conversion rate was already solid, so I was asked to maintain it. But why, if there was a way to improve it? With CRO, UI touch ups and collaboration with other teams: 70% boost. Bam!
  • SEO growth – traffic
    More than doubled (+100% increase) sessions from organic searches. Two years in a row.
  • Site overhaul
    Anyone who ever managed site migration is worthy of extra kudos. Or at least some award plaque. I’ve done two major migrations. Successfully of course.
  • SEO growth – ranking
    I know, it’s vanity KPI, but the charts looked amazing: I solely improved the average position of 100 keywords (search volume >1,000/month) from number 80 to 9 in less than 1,5 year.
  • Video – multi-million dollar deal
    Our company had a hard time explaining our solution to prospects. Especially on printed medium or static website. But I saw our co-founder presenting live, during internal appearance, and it all made sense to me. I revamped the slides, recorded our leader, edited it slightly and posted it on dailymotion. Couple months later we landed major deal in Europe. New client disclosed that it was our video-explainer that made him consider us as a right partner.
  • Forbes 2005 ‘Best of the Web’ B2B advertiser award -yep, I got that one too.